abrAsus Data-Saver Notepad

Comfortably save your handwritten notes as data—a recommended new style for handwriting notes

You can save your handwritten notes as data with ease

You may feel more comfortable using pen and paper rather than a computer or cell phone when you're taking notes during a business negotiation with VIPs or scribbling down ideas, diagrams, or to-do lists while you're on the phone. But handwritten notes have the disadvantage of being incompatible with your otherwise digital working life. Have you ever said to yourself, "I sure wish I could manage all of these handwritten notes on my PC or iPhone so that I could access them wherever I go"? Our answer to your question is this abrAsus Data-Saver Notepad, which we've made small and slim for portability.

We propose a new memo writing style

Simple Method of Use

By folding a sheet of A4 copy paper three times, you can use the back and front as 16 "pages" of note paper. After folding up the piece of paper, insert it into the Data-Saver Notepad and start taking notes from the upper left page, moving downwards and right as you fill up each page. Once you reach the rightmost page (page 4), move to the lower left and continue going right. You can use the opposite side of the sheet in the same way. If you fold the sheet horizontally like an accordion, it will be easy to turn the pages.

Refill with commonly available A4-sized copy paper

Stress-free digitization

After filling in all the pages, once you have time, you can unfold the A4 page and simply scan both sides. Since it's a standard A4 page, you can easily scan and digitize the content. Alternatively, instead of scanning, you can use your cell phone or iPhone to take a picture of each side. Once you've finished digitizing your notes, you can throw away or recycle the handwritten page.

Archive into a binder or save digitally

A must-have, all-in-one item for work

Business cards and office-use chip cards fit neatly inside this Notebook, so you'll feel peace of mind carrying just this slim, small Data-Saver Notebook in your pocket. It also includes our abrAsus Perfect Fit Pen, made by ZEBRA, which is an excellent match for your notepad. Even in the event of an impromptu meeting, you won't feel stressed with your Data-Saver Notebook, pen, and business cards. With its overwhelming slimness and small size compared to existing notebooks, you can slide it right into your pocket.

Store extra business cards in the cover pocket
Japan's Technique × Design

Japan's Technique × Design

Use of Japanese Leather Processing Techniques

Our abrAsus items are built without the use of premade leather and instead use a light, tough leather custom ordered and selected especially for abrAsus and processed and completed in Japan. Additionally, the stitching is done in a durable thread of the highest quality, which won't break or fray easily. Only natural cowhide is used for abrAsus products. Please enjoy the tangibility of the leather, crafted by artisans of Japan.

Skilled craftsmen put their best efforts into each one

abrAsus products are made thoroughly and one at a time, with Japanese craft workers handling every process, including the treatment, skiving, sewing, and lacquering of the edges of the leather, from start to finish. Some of the workers involved in our craftsmanship are over 65 years of age. It's no overstatement to say that it is thanks to these richly-experienced craftsmen with meticulous attention to detail that this portable, functional, and well-designed abrAsus product has become a commodity. abrAsus products are an item of incredible quality born of an innovative, unprecedented idea through our leather craftsmen's bounty of experience and passion.

  • Exterior: Cowhide leather
  • Interior: Cotton based polyurethane coated fabric
  • 116mm × 77mm x 5mm
  • 30g
Pen (included)
  • 0.7mm pen
  • 100mm x 5.6mm diameter



Good for business or everyday use as it is more resistant to scratches and dirt stains.

Dry cloth Brushed Eraser Cream Waterproof spray

Since rubbing too strongly with the eraser will cause discoloration, please use caution. Also rubbing too strongly when applying cream will cause discoloration, we ask that you wipe gently.


Smooth leather that offers a wide range or colors. As you use it, the leather adapts to the hands of the owner to draw out a unique finish.

Dry cloth Brushed Eraser Cream Waterproof spray

Since rubbing too strongly with the eraser will cause discoloration, please use caution.

*Please visit our Product Care page for information on caring for your leather.


abrAsus Data-Saver Notepad

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