abrAsus Slim Money Clip

In pursuit of slimness and ease of use,
with only the cards and bills you need most

6mm thickness

Just 6mm thick

Our abrAsus Slim Money Clip, with nothing stored in it, is just 6mm thick. Even with ten bills and five cards, it's still just 11mm thick... an overwhelming slimness brought to life. And since we've used no metal parts whatsoever, this wallet won't damage your clothing or other items. With this abrAsus Slim Money Clip, you'll enjoy the epitome of comfort in your pocket.

A new shape of money clip, with a construction designed from scratch

With most money clips, users often struggle with getting their money in and out when they're in a hurry at the cash register. In our abrAsus Slim Money Clip, we rethought the construction of a money clip and redesigned it from scratch to eliminate that inconvenience. It's built so your trip through the checkout line goes perfectly smoothly.

A new structure that makes payment smooth

A special construction in pursuit of ease of use

See the contents at a glance

By inserting bills into the bill keeper, you can see all of your cards and bills at a glance when you open the money clip.

See the contents at a glance

Store bills without folding

Bills are stored behind the card storage pocket. Because they go in without folding, they're easy to insert and remove.

Store bills without folding

An easy access card holder

By using a style of card holder that accepts five cards in one slot, we've reduced the number of overlapping layers of leather. Once you have more than one card in the slot, you can slide the cards out using the notch at the bottom for easy removal.

An easy access card holder

This overwhelming slimness will lead you to a comfortable lifestyle

More comfort on your days off Comfortably stored in your breast pocket
The simple form makes payment comfortable and easy
Japan's Technique × Design

Japan's Technique × Design

Use of Japanese Leather Processing Techniques

Our abrAsus items are built without the use of premade leather and instead use a light, tough leather custom ordered and selected especially for abrAsus and processed and completed in Japan. Additionally, the stitching is done in a durable thread of the highest quality, which won't break or fray easily. Only natural cowhide is used for abrAsus products. Please enjoy the tangibility of the leather, crafted by artisans of Japan.

Skilled craftsmen put their best efforts into each one

abrAsus products are made thoroughly and one at a time, with Japanese craft workers handling every process, including the treatment, skiving, sewing, and lacquering of the edges of the leather, from start to finish. Some of the workers involved in our craftsmanship are over 65 years of age. It's no overstatement to say that it is thanks to these richly-experienced craftsmen with meticulous attention to detail that this portable, functional, and well-designed abrAsus product has become a commodity. abrAsus products are an item of incredible quality born of an innovative, unprecedented idea through our leather craftsmen's bounty of experience and passion.

  • Holds 5 cards
  • Stores 10 bills
  • Interior: Cotton based polyurethane coated fabric
  • 89mm x 95mm x 6mm
  • 22g




Finished with a smooth and glossy surface which is easy to maintain.

Dry cloth Brushed Eraser Cream Waterproof spray
× × × ×

Since the leather surface has been processed with a resin, please treat leather by wiping with a dry cloth only.



A high-quality Italian leather that ages beautifully. Every piece of this natural leather is one-of-a-kind, marked with unique patterns of wrinkles, scars and blood vessels.

Dry cloth Brushed Eraser Cream Waterproof spray

*Please visit our Product Care page for information on caring for your leather.

Gloss Leather

abrAsus Slim Money Clip

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