abrAsus Slim Wallet

We've created this slim wallet in pursuit of in-pocket comfort.

Leather wallet in pocket

In your pocket, you want the most comfortable leather wallet possible!

These ideals led us to create the abrAsus Slim Wallet. What factors lead to comfort? We thoroughly investigated this question and came to the conclusion that slimness could best be achieved through a bifold leather wallet. After repeated trial and error, we completed this special creation. abrAsus aims to be the thinnest bifold leather wallet in the world.

We've achieved this slimness thanks to 2 special techniques

13mm thin

1. Cards and coins don't overlap

The abrAsus Slim Wallet places card and coin pockets parallel to each other when folded. Despite being a bifold leather wallet, this patented special structure keeps it overwhelmingly thin.

2. Dramatically reduced layers of overlapping leather

After making over 30 prototypes with skilled leather workers, we succeeded in reducing the number of overlapping leather layers to just 5. While it is very easy to make a bifold leather wallet by making the leather itself thinner, thin leather does not create a strong product. For this wallet, we kept the thickness of the leather the same and reduced the number of overlapping layers with a special construction.

Most wallets overlap coins and cards

Most bifold leather wallets get their thickness mainly from card and coin pockets. Furthermore, the cards and coins overlap when the wallet is folded.

30mm thick

Most wallets have a large number of overlapping layers

Most bifold leather wallets have 10-20 overlapping layers when folded. Even if there is nothing inside the wallet, it's thick just from all those layers. But the abrAsus Slim Wallet uses a special construction to reduce the number of overlapping layers to no more than 5, making it the ultimate thin wallet.

10-20 layers

It's not just thin: These 5 things make it easy to use too

Beneficial points of the abrAsus Thin Wallet
  1. Conveniently see everything at a glance
    Open the slim wallet from the top to see bills and cards, and from the bottom to see coins. You can see the whole wallet at a glance, making paying at registers and vending machines easy. The coin storage compartment is also shallow so you can see inside easily and get coins in and out smoothly. Bills can be stored without folding, making it easier to take them out of the slim wallet than out of a round fastener bifold wallet.
  2. Put your keys inside to leave your hands free
    "I'd like to go out hands free with just my wallet and phone in my pocket."

    "If I could put my keys in my wallet, I'd have more room in my pocket."

    We heard these requests from customers and added a little pocket hidden behind our wallet's bill clip. You can use this pocket to store house or car keys, emergency money, a charm, or another important item.
    Put your keys inside
  3. Easy to slide cards in and out
    Most bifold leather wallets have multiple card compartments, resulting in lots of layers of leather. However, there are not many bifold leather wallets with only one storage compartment and few leather layers. This is because, if all cards are stored in one compartment, it's difficult to get out the cards in the back. Our slim wallet has openings on both sides to allow for easy retrieval of all cards by sliding cards out with both hands.
    Easy to slide cards in and out
  4. Prepare for sudden business exchanges by storing spare business cards
    The slim wallet's card storage compartment is also the right size for business cards. Keep 2-3 "emergency" business cards in your wallet to prepare for any sudden business card exchanges at introductions or outings.
  5. Shallow coin storage compartment makes it easy to remove coins
    Considering the balance of the side of the slim wallet with coin storage capacity, we designed it to fit up to 15 coins. If you use your change frequently, it will rarely exceed 15 coins. We have also made this wallet's coin storage compartment shallower than in most bifold leather wallets to make it easier to take out coins frequently.
    Shallow coin storage compartment makes it easy to remove coins

There are still more reasons for this slimness.

Double hooks for slimness and security

Double hooks for slimness and security

Instead of a hook in the thickest central part where coins go, the slim wallet has hooks on both ends with no relation to thickness. This is another secret of the bifold slim wallet. Since there are double hooks, your valuables stay secure even if one hook comes undone. We sometimes hear people say they worry change might fall out of a slim wallet, but just as people don't normally open a standard bifold leather wallet facing downward, coins will not fall out of the slim wallet once you get used to it.

Parts snap together so leather doesn't overlap

Parts snap together so leather doesn't overlap

In order to reduce the number of overlapping leather layers, the slim wallet is built with the bill clip and card compartment on top of each other. Since the parts snap together, the lid (clip component) doesn't move easily when the wallet is folded. When the slim wallet is folded, the end of the lid (clip component) can be wedged in between the coin compartment and the main part of the wallet, so just as with standard bifold leather wallets, there is no danger of the wallet opening inside a bag or pocket. 

Good Design Award

Good Design Award Winner

The Good Design Award is a comprehensive design-promotion system organized by the Japan Institute for Design Promotion. It's precursor, the Good Design Selection System (or G Mark System), was founded in 1957 by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (the current Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), and has been engaged in this work for about 60 years. The Good Design Award aims to enrich our quality of life, industries, and society as a whole by highlighting and celebrating these works. Recipients of a Good Design Award are granted use of the G Mark symbol, which has been recognized widely as a mark representing good design.

Japan's Technique × Design

Japan's Technique × Design

Use of Japanese Leather Processing Techniques

Our abrAsus items are built without the use of premade leather and instead use a light, tough leather custom ordered and selected especially for abrAsus and processed and completed in Japan. Additionally, the stitching is done in a durable thread of the highest quality, which won't break or fray easily. Only natural cowhide is used for abrAsus products. Please enjoy the tangibility of the leather, crafted by artisans of Japan.

Skilled craftsmen put their best efforts into each one

abrAsus products are made thoroughly and one at a time, with Japanese craft workers handling every process, including the treatment, skiving, sewing, and lacquering of the edges of the leather, from start to finish. Some of the workers involved in our craftsmanship are over 65 years of age. It's no overstatement to say that it is thanks to these richly-experienced craftsmen with meticulous attention to detail that this portable, functional, and well-designed abrAsus product has become a commodity. abrAsus products are an item of incredible quality born of an innovative, unprecedented idea through our leather craftsmen's bounty of experience and passion.

abrAsus Slim Wallet Specifications
  • Holds 5 cards
  • Stores 15 flat bills
  • 13mm thickness when cards and coins stored inside
  • 4 - 5 layers of overlapping leather
  • 1 hidden pocket for key storage
  • Coin pocket for storing 15 coins
  • Interior: Cotton based cloth urethane processing
  • 98mm x 95mm x 7mm
  • 50g


Embossed Material

Embossed ¥18,200

Good for business or everyday use as it is more resistant to scratches and dirt stains.

Dry cloth Brushed Eraser Cream Waterproof spray

Since rubbing too strongly with the eraser will cause discoloration, please use caution. Also rubbing too strongly when applying cream will cause discoloration, we ask that you wipe gently.

Glass Material

Glass ¥20,800

Finished with a smooth and glossy surface which is easy to maintain.

Dry cloth Brushed Eraser Cream Waterproof spray
× × × ×

Since the leather surface has been processed with a resin, please treat leather by wiping with a dry cloth only.

Buttero Material

Buttero ¥24,800

A high-quality Italian leather that ages beautifully. Every piece of this natural leather is one-of-a-kind, marked with unique patterns of wrinkles, scars and blood vessels.

Dry cloth Brushed Eraser Cream Waterproof spray
Nume Material

Nume ¥19,800

Used on the Danbo Edition Wallet. Every piece of this natural leather is one-of-a-kind, marked with unique patterns of wrinkles, scars and blood vessels.

Dry cloth Brushed Eraser Cream Waterproof spray
Smooth Material

Smooth ¥20,800~

Smooth leather that offers a wide range or colors. As you use it, the leather adapts to the hands of the owner to draw out a unique finish.

Dry cloth Brushed Eraser Cream Waterproof spray

Since rubbing too strongly with the eraser will cause discoloration, please use caution.

*Please visit our Product Care page for information on caring for your leather.

abrAsus Slim Wallet

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