Blogger’s Tote

In collaboration with Sweet magazine, we bring you our Blogger's Tote. Pop your favorite tools into this unisex tote bag, packed with enjoyable features you can enjoy every day.


Matsuyou* - Blogger/Model

Born in Tokyo and raised in Shibuya Matsuyou* began work as a model in 1993 and began independently publishing information about "cute culture" on the web in 1998. She is widely recognized as a creator of the digital age and known for her early adoption of Twitter and LINE as a writer and for presenting a photo book of photos taken entirely with an iPhone. Matsuyou* was selected as's Celebrity Blogger of Japan in 2008 and was the sole Asian contestant in Yves Saint Laurent Beaute's 11 Female Bloggers Around the World. A Tokyo blogger known around the world currently for being one of eight worldwide bloggers to announce collaborative works in the BOUCHERON international campaign, she has over 190,000 followers on Twitter. Currently she writes for Numero Tokyo, WWD JAPAN, WWD BEAUTY, and in Japanese and with English and Korean translations.


Blogger's Tote

We wanted an unlikely bag made with carefully selected original materials, that fits into any situation, and can hold all of the items you want and need, such as your phone, a drink, or tools for work, for walking around town, going to work, or even travel. You can drop anything into this bag and pull it out when you need it.

The key points of our Blogger's Tote are the size and shape, which are just right for freely and easily adding your daily items. There is a lot of storage space so you don't need to lug around multiple bags even if you plan to carry lots of stuff or have extra items from shopping or work. We used original materials custom made for just this product to fulfill Matsuyou*'s desire for a bag that's stylish to wear. It's a material made so that your bag will adapt to the way you use it, whether you carry it neatly by your side or need to squish it up to hold it. This Blogger's Tote is packed with all of the features that meet the needs of blogger Matsuyou*'s daily life.

Outer Features
  1. Easy to hold but luxurious leather straps
    Leather straps
  2. Polyurethane coated material
    Polyurethane coated material
  3. Water resistant and repels dirt
    Water resistant and repels dirt
  4. Original print of HTML code for "Like!" button (Only on gray version)
    HTML code print (gray version only)
  1. Smartphone can be stored in easily reachable pocket with a charger or earphones stored in the pocket below it
    Smartphone and charger pockets
  2. Zipped pocket can store A4-sized materials such as documents
    A4-sized pocket
  3. Zipped pocket contains 2 zipped pockets made of a scratch preventative material for storing items such as glasses
    Scratch preventative pockets
  4. Large pocket perfect for storing long wallets, pouches, paperback books, etc.
    Large pocket
  5. Water resistant drink holder can also be used to store folding umbrellas
    Water resistant drink holder
  6. PC dedicated pocket can store up to a 13-inch MacBook
    PC pocket can store up to 13-inch MacBook
  7. The bag is secured closed with magnetic snaps
    Bag secured closed with magnetic snaps
  8. A pass or ID case can be attached to the included ring
    A pass or ID case can be attached to included ring
Outer specifications
Inner specifications
  • Unisex tote for everyday use
  • Perfect for work, travel, or any occasion as it stores mobile devices, stationery, tools, drinks, luggage or shopping items
  • Print design is HTML code for a "Like!" button (Only on gray version)
Outer Dimensions
  • 35cm high × 42cm wide × 15.5cm deep
Inner Dimensions
  • 35cm high × 41.5cm wide × 15cm deep
Shoulder Straps
  • 2.4cm wide × 27cm long
  • 590g
  • Outer material: Polyurethane coated cotton canvas
  • Inner material: Nylon
  • Exterior zipper tabs: Cowhide leather
  • Interior zipper tabs: Plastic
  • Shoulder strap exterior: Cowhide leather
  • Shoulder strap interior: Polyurethane coated cotton canvas

Blogger’s Tote

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