abrAsus Slim Long Wallet

A long wallet of overwhelming slimness specially built to fit comfortably in your pocket

A slimness of just 5mm

A slimness of just 5mm realized through two special construction techniques.

With nothing inside, this wallet is 5mm thin.
Even with ten bills and six cards, it will still only be 7mm thin. We've created an overwhelmingly slim wallet.

Two special construction techniques

1. Only two cards will overlap

If you look at a long wallet from the side, the thickest part of it is the part that holds the cards. In most long wallets, the cards are inserted in a stepwise manner, and so if you insert a large number of cards, they'll overlap. However, in our Slim Long Wallet, there are three slots for inserting cards, and so only two cards will ever overlap.

2. Only five layers of leather

Most long wallets are constructed with around ten layers of leather, so even before you insert anything, your wallet is already somewhat thick. Our Slim Long Wallet, on the other hand, has a simple construction in which we've succeeded in keeping the number of layers down to five.

No overlap

It's not just slim, it's also easy to use

  1. Bills are easy to see and easy to insert or remove
    To make items easy to remove and raise visibility, we deliberately made the pocket shallow.
    Bills are easy to see and easy to insert or remove
  2. You can insert six cards
    The three card storage pockets hold two cards each. The cards you use most are at your fingertips. We've constructed it aiming at both slimness and storage ability.
    You can insert six cards
  3. Receipts are stored in the space behind the cards
    There's another pocket behind the card storage where you can insert receipts and other papers such as tickets, business cards, and keys.
    Receipts are stored in the space behind the cards

Since it's so slim, it feels comfortable in your pocket

Easy to remove from your pocket. Does not disturb your jacket's silhouette.

The main advantage of our Slim Long Wallet is that it won't ruin the silhouette of your jacket and it will feel comfortable inside your pocket. This long wallet is for smart storage of only the smallest number of things you need most—bills and cards—and none of the things you don't regularly use.

For customers who use abrAsus series wallets, we suggest one more method for use: extra storage

With our abrAsus series Slim Wallet, Small Wallet, and Slim Money Clip + Small Coin Pouch, we suggest that you store only the items you need most—fifteen bills, five cards, and fifteen coins—in your pocket. For those who use those items, we also propose using this Slim Long Wallet as extra storage. If you use this Slim Long Wallet to keep receipts that you don't need to carry around, cards you don't use that often, spare cash for business use, and other items like tickets and business cards, it will free up space in your pockets.

Extra storage
Japan's Technique × Design

Japan's Technique × Design

Use of Japanese Leather Processing Techniques

Our abrAsus items are built without the use of premade leather and instead use a light, tough leather custom ordered and selected especially for abrAsus and processed and completed in Japan. Additionally, the stitching is done in a durable thread of the highest quality, which won't break or fray easily. Only natural cowhide is used for abrAsus products. Please enjoy the tangibility of the leather, crafted by artisans of Japan.

Skilled craftsmen put their best efforts into each one

abrAsus products are made thoroughly and one at a time, with Japanese craft workers handling every process, including the treatment, skiving, sewing, and lacquering of the edges of the leather, from start to finish. Some of the workers involved in our craftsmanship are over 65 years of age. It's no overstatement to say that it is thanks to these richly-experienced craftsmen with meticulous attention to detail that this portable, functional, and well-designed abrAsus product has become a commodity. abrAsus products are an item of incredible quality born of an innovative, unprecedented idea through our leather craftsmen's bounty of experience and passion.

  • Holds 6 cards
  • Stores flat bills, receipts, tickets, etc.
  • 7mm thickness when cards and bills stored inside
  • 5 layers of overlapping leather
  • Exterior: Embossed cowhide leather from Japan
  • Interior: Cotton based cloth urethane processing
  • 180mm x 88mm x 5mm
  • 47g

*Please visit our Product Care page for information on caring for your leather.

abrAsus Slim Long Wallet

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