Triangle Commuter Bag nano

The third edition to our Triangle Commuter Bag series.
Access what you need quickly; a bag that acts like a pen stand.

Triangle Commuter Bag nano

Comfortably carry a PC with a bag that is smaller than a PC

Small bags are comfortable for commuting. But sometimes you need a PC.

An extendable pocket for carrying PCs or documents

Extendable Pocket
Acts as a pen stand anytime, anywhere

Feels like you can set up your usual working environment anywhere and everywhere

Your usual working environment anywhere

With this Triangle Commuter Bag nano, you'll be able to work in a style where you can take a tool from your bag when you need it and put it back where it came from as soon as you're done. With this bag, you won't need to tidy up your desk once you're finished working. You'll feel like you have a giant pen stand that you can place, open, and access all of your things from instantly, whether you're in a cafe or at your desk.

Two reasons why we built it as an isosceles triangle

Reason #1: Your heavy laptop is more stable the closer it is to the center of gravity of the bag.
Reason #2: Since the contents of your bag tend to settle at the bottom, why not cut out the excess space at the top?

Standard PC bags set off balance
Triangle Commuter Bag nano has a strong center of balance

Looked at from the side, an ordinary rectangular PC bag with a laptop in it will have most of its contents positioned on the bottom and the PC standing vertically. On the other hand, our Triangle Commuter Bag nano contains the laptop leaning towards the center. Thus, even if there's nothing else in the bag, your laptop's center of gravity will be close to the center of the bag. You won't have to feel that sudden shock when your computer bag tips over anymore. Also, by boldly going with the isosceles triangle configuration, we've built this bag so that you can open the flap all the way to the center. It's easy to see all the way to the bottom of the bag, so you won't have to rummage around to find something.

Features - Outer
  1. Double fastener allows you to open left or right
    to access all of your items easily even when standing.
    Double fastenerEasily accessible items
  2. Angled strap keeps bag close to body
    Angled strap keeps bag close to body
  3. Durable tarpaulin bottom
    tarpaulin bottom
  4. Hole punched leather allows you to see when your phone's screen lights up
    see when your phone screen lights up
  5. Add your own decorations to make the bag originally yours
    Add your own decorations to make the bag originally yours
Features - Inner
  1. Includes a partition that attaches with velcro so you can customize how you sort your items
    Velcro partition
  2. Can store up to a iPad Pro 10.5
    Store up to a iPad Pro 10.5
  3. At the front of the interior is a pocket that is not easily visible which can store things such as passports
    Passport pocket
  4. Side pocket can store a mobile battery with a cord charging a phone in the outer pocket
    Side pocket can store a battery and charge a phone in the outer pocketCord runs to outer pocket
  5. Items you would like to easily see can be stored in the mesh pockets
    Mesh pockets
  6. Your most often used pens can be stored in the side pen pocket
    Side pen pocket

A specially constructed extendable pocket for storing PCs and A4 documents

A specially constructed extendable pocket for storing PCs and A4 documents
Outer specifications
Inner specifications
  • Lid opens downwards to allow immediate access to your favorite items
  • Easy to restore items to their original position after use without creating a messy desktop workspace
  • Triangular shape of bag allows better center of gravity when storing a PC
  • Perfect for both business and casual use
  • Includes a partition for customizing your storage space
  • 23cm high × 31.5cm wide × 13.5cm deep
  • Punched Leather Pocket: 11cm high × 29.5cm wide
  • 21.5cm high × 27.5cm wide
  • Mesh Pocket: 10cm high × 27.5cm wide (zipper: 26.5cm wide)
  • Extendable Pocket: 32.5cm high × 26cm wide
  • Perfectly sized for MacBook Air 13 inch (22.7cm high × 32.5cm wide)
  • Inner Pocket: 12cm high × 27.5cm wide
Shoulder Straps
  • Width: 3.8cm
  • Longest Length: 132cm
  • Shortest Length: 84cm
Partition Plate
  • 10cm × 13.8cm wide
  • Includes 2 pieces
  • Additional partitions can be purchased individually
  • Exterior: nylon & polyester
  • Punched Leather Pocket: Cowhide leather
  • Lining: nylon twill
  • Exterior Zipper Tabs: Cowhide leather
  • Interior Zipper Tabs: Plastic
  • 710g

Triangle Commuter Bag nano

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